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 Welcome to Lund Choral Festival!

Lund  Choral Festival is one of Lund´s major cultural events. The biennial was initiated in 2006, as a part of the ambition to become the European Capital of Culture in 2014. All the festivals have been great successes and generated over 14 000 visitors. The number of participants for all three festivals reaches 7 500. The concept involves top international ensembles as well as manifestations of the local chorus life.

The concert experience is central to the Lund Choral Festival. The festival therefore offers a unique occasion for the audience to listen to the best of the best of choral singing today. Parallel with the local choirs from Lund – most of them are impressively awarded – international and national top ensembles and choirs are performing on many different stages in Lund with almost 30 concerts during the festival week. Two stadium galas are included (the Gala Concert for the adults and SjungGung for the youth) with over one thousand singers participating together with guest stars from the Swedish elite of singing and acting. This makes up Lund  Choral Festival.

Program 2014

Monday Oct 13th

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Allhelgona Motet Choir and the Cathedral Choir. First performance of “Breaking up” for two mixed choirs choirs and chimes, by Johan-Magnus Sjoberg, commissioned by Lund Choral Festival

17.00-17.40 Magle Concert Hall
Lund Chamber Choir (mixed choir)

 Tuesday Oct 14th

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Haderslev Boys’ Choir, Denmark (treble choir)

17.00-17.40 Magle Concert Hall
Ostrochorus (mixed choir)

20.00-20.40 Magle Concert Hall
Lund Studentsångare (male choir)

Wednesday Oct 15th

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Bella Voce (female choir) and Svanholm Singers (male choir)

17.00-17.40 Magle Concert Hall
Korallerna (female choir)

* 19.00-22.00 Fars & Frosta Sparbank Arena
Gala Concert, film music. 700 choral singers, soloist Shirley Clamp, Lund City Orchestra a o

Thursday Oct 16th

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Malmo Academic Choir (mixed choir)

17.00-17.40 Magle Concert Hall
Rydeback Gospel (mixed choir)

* 19.00-21.00 Lund Cathedral
Chanticleer, USA (male choir)

* 21.15 Allhelgona Church
Ars Nova, Denmark (mixed choir)

Friday Oct 17th

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Zwolle Vocal Ensemble, Netherlands (mixed choir)

17.00-17.40 Magle Concert Hall
Helsingborg Vocal Ensemble (mixed choir)

* 19.00-20.45 Lund Cathedral
Concerto Copenhagen, Denmark (mixed choir and baroque ensemble)

* 21.00- Lund City Theatre
Voces8, Great Britain (mixed vocal ensemble)

Saturday Oct 18th

10.00-11.00 Lund Cathedral
Choir concert (program not set)

12.00-12.45 Lund Cathedral
Lund Vocal Ensemble (mixed choir)

14.00-14.40 Magle Concert Hall
Helsingborg Quartet Singers (male choir)

* 15.00- Dalby Church
Dalby Chamber Choir (mixed choir and instrumentalists). G F Handel: Dixit Dominus

* 18.00- Fars & Frosta Sparbank Arena
SjungGung – a gala concert specially for the children. 600 kids in the choir!

18.00-18.40 Lund Art Gallery
Koritsia and Carolinae Women’s Choir (female choirs)

18.00-18.40 Lund Historical Museum
Achoir (mixed choir)

18.15-18.55 Museum of Public Art
Trekvart (mixed choir)

* 19.00-21.00 Allhelgona Church
Sundsvall Chamber Choir (mixed choir)

20.00-20.40 Lund Art Gallery
Rejoice Gospel (mixed choir)

20.00-20.40 Lund Historical Museum
Collegium Vox Humana (mixed choir)

20.00-20.40 Museum of Public Art
Women’s Chorus of Malmo College of music (female choir and piano)

22.00-23.00 Lund Cathedral
Concert (program not set)

Sunday Oct 19th

11.00 Lund Cathedral
Music Mass

13.00 Allhelgona Church
Tango Mass

16.00 Allhelgona Church
Ensemble Syd, Hur länge skall hon vara död? A musical performance for the whole family (in Swedish)

16.30 Lund City Theatre
Shanghai Female Journalists Chorus


Lunch concerts and after work concerts at the Cathedral and Magle Concert Hall are free, as well as the concerts at the museums. Other evening concerts (marked with an asterisk*) are not. Tickets for the concerts can be ordered in advance from Biljettbyrån i Lund: 00 46 (0)46 – 13 14 15 (at the Tourist Information) or


Gerd Román Hall, Producer
+46 709 28 58 90

Maria Videll, Communication
+46 709 20 58 85
Sofia Rydberg, Artist- & Volontäransvarig
+46 (0)709-20 12 71