Welcome to Lund Choral Festival!

Lund Choral Festival, Sweden’s leading Choral festival, offers a unique occasion for the audience to listen to the best of the best of choral singing today. Parallel with the local choirs from Lund – most of them are impressively awarded – international and national top ensembles and choirs are performing on many different stages in Lund with nearly 30 concerts during the festival week.

The last festival 2016 attracted 12 000 visitors and engaged almost 1500 singers.

Apart from exciting guest shows from now on, we plan the traditional lunch concerts in the cathedral and after work concerts in Magle Concert Hall (all with free entrance), a big choir concert in the All Saints Church with a 200 headed choir, soloists and musicians, and the children’s own choir festival SjungGung at the City Theatre.

This year’s festival is held October 15–21. Detailed information and calendar follow as the pieces fall into place, hold out!


Dag 1

Programpunkt 2



Dag 2

Programpunkt 2



Dag 3

Programpunkt 2



Here’s a glimpse from the Gala Concert of 2014 when the Gala Choir performed “Rain” by Kjell Lönnå. 

LC REGN from MisCHANNEL on Vimeo.